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Ακύρωση του 7ου διεθνή αγώνα τριάθλου Almiraman

O διοργανωτής του Almiraman (www.almiraman.gr), Ιορδάνης Παπαδόπουλος ανακοίνωσε live από το κανάλι του Swimbikerun.Gr, χθες στις 8:30μμ, τα τελευταία νέα που αφορούν την ακύρωση του δημοφιλούς τριαθλητικού αγώνα της Κατερίνης.

• Ο ΑΠΣ ΤΡΙΑΣ σε συνεργασία με τον Δήμο Κατερίνης, ΟΠΠΑΠ Δήμου Κατερίνης και την Περιφερειακή Ενότητα Πιερίας, υπό την Αιγίδα της Ιεράς Μητρόπολης Κίτρους, Κατερίνης και Πλαταμώνα συνδιοργανώνουν τον διεθνή αγώνα Τριάθλου και κολύμβησης ανοιχτής θαλάσσης στην παραλία της Κατερίνης.


To μήνυμα της διοργάνωσης για τους λόγους της ακύρωσης του 7ου Almiraman:

«Dear friends,
Αlmiraman started from our love for triathlon and the athletes, and our goal is always to serve both in the best possible way.
It is a celebration to which we look forward with great joy each year, to meet you, our friends.

At this celebration of triathlon, we share smiles, we shake hands, we hug and sit around the same table.

During the years, the Family of Triathlon, the triathletes, the companionships that have built during all these years, the volunteers, all continue and remain the leaders of this celebration.

Each participant tests his/her endurance in a transcendent race.

From the day we decided to postpone Almiraman from May to September until today, the organizational committee, the team of the Athletic Cultural Union TRIAS, took all the necessary actions to ensure a safe race, in accordance to the protocols and the directions of the Ministry of Health and the General Secretariat of Sports, within the health crisis that we live.
All this time, TRIAS team was in direct and continuous contact with registered and non-registered athletes, and the volunteers.

Having as a priority the security of everyone, athletes, volunteers, spectators and consequently our families, and with respect to the local community, we are called to make a very important and responsible decision, hard but absolutely realistic.

We announce the cancellation of 7th Almiraman 2020, renewing our meeting to the 8th and 9th of May 2021, with the same dedication, the same love and even more passion for TRIATHLON. It is a mature decision, in full accordance to the principles that govern our race all these years, which talks to the participants and looks them in the eyes, one by one.

The organizational committee will reach by email all participants that have registered for the race for the next steps.

Prevention is the best cure.
May we all be healthy and strong and meet with more joy in May 2021.
Thank you all!»

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