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Alice Wright women's winner 2021 Athens Half Marathon

Alice Wright: Speed interview with the women’s winner of 2021 Athens Half Marathon

That’s the good thing about the internet. You can reach people that otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to find their whereabouts. Alice Wright the women’s winner of 9th Athens Half Marathon in 1:14:53 was very kind and we had a quick but fruitful discussion about her plans and her victory in Athens, in September 12th 2021.

• Interview: Aris Gavrielatos (aris@irunmag.gr)

• Photo: Athens Half Marathon


– Well, I finished the race in 1.51.42 and I saw you ascending fast in 14K. And I said WOW! Who is she? Well done. Congratulations on your race!

Alice Wright: «And thank you for your kind words!».


– So, tell us some infos about you. I read that you are a trainer but you also study in New Mexico? You actually live there?

A.W.: «I did indeed study at The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque for 5 years whilst I studied there under the wonderful coaching guidance of Joe Franklin».


– I read that you had injuries and Athens was your first race after a long time period. How you came across this specific half marathon? Who noticed it? I mean it is not a famous race.

A.W.: «And yes you are correct – the last couple of years have been full of injury and illness for me so running the Athens Half Marathon was so special for me. I was home in England, from America, and felt ready to finally give a race a go. My family spend a lot of time I’m Greece and so I looked in both England and Greece for suitable races and I came across the Athens Half – it looked perfect! So my agency, Hawi Management, reached out and the organizer very kindly let me in».


– How did you spend your time in quarantine and curfew? You were in New Mexico or UK? In Athens a lot of people started walking, running and biking as it was a way to get out of home.

A.W.: «I spend my time during curfew in Flagstaff, Arizona where I am currently based. I was actually injured at the time and so was out on my bike a lot and I saw so many other fellow bikers – curfew certainly helped get people active!».



– Did you enjoy the race? From your experience was it well organized?

A.W.: «I thoroughly enjoyed the race on Sunday! It was a tough course but so rewarding and I got to see some people’s sights of Athens. The hills made for a fun challenge too. The race itself was very professionally organized – I couldn’t speak more highly of how well it was all put together».


– What are your next profesional / running steps? Marathons, Ultras, Trails or just Semis?

A.W.: «Next up, I would love to run a marathon. I am hoping to give one a go before the end of this year».


– You are a member of HOKA Elite. Did your run on HOKA on Sunday and if yes which model?

A.W.: «I am, yes, a HOKA athlete, running for HOKA Northern Arizona Elite in Flagstaff, Arizona in the US. I wore the rocket x shoe model on Sunday – my go to shoe for racing! It is such a responsive, fast shoe – I would highly recommend it to anyone with a race coming up».


– Finally, it would be a pleasure if you participate in Athens Marathon, if not this November, next year perhaps! Is this Marathon in your plans as it has a historic essence?

A.W.: «I would love to one day compete in the Athens marathon! I love this city and Greece as a country and they say you always run best in a place you love! I think the marathon is a little too soon for me this year, but in the coming years I would love to give it a go!
I would like to thank my sponsors – Hoka, Naz Elite, Coros global, and my agency – Hawi Management for all their help preparing me for this race».


• Main photo credit: Panagiotis Letsios photography


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