12 tips for the Authentic Athens Marathon

How to reach safely your starting block in Athens Marathon without any surprises

athens marathon

The 12 most important tips of the Authentic Marathon’s organizing committee that all runners must follow in order to arrive at the right time at the starting line and safely at the finish line at the Kallimarmaro stadium.

1. Wear the security bracelet provided by the organisers. It is your “passport” to board and participate in the race.

2. Start on time for the boarding point.

3. Use Mass Transportation (MMT) and especially the Metro for your commute.

4. Use the event buses that depart:

a. Metro stop Line 2 “Sygrou-Fix”, along Sygrou Avenue, boarding from the uphill side (“Sygrou” exit). Attention: The last bus departure from Sygrou-Fix station will be at 06:15.

b. Line 2 “University” metro station, along Panepistimiou Avenue from the University side

c. Line 2 and 3 “Constitution” metro station:

i) along Vasilissis Amalia Avenue from the side of the Hellenic Parliament / “Unknown Soldier” monument)

ii) along Vas. Georgiou Street in front of the “Megali Bretania” hotel

d. Line 3 “Evangelismos” metro stop, along Vas. Sofia Avenue from the uphill side

e. Line 3 “Katehaki” metro station, along Mesogeion Avenue from the rise towards Ag. Paraskevi f. Omonia Electric Station along University Avenue and 3rd of September Avenue on Omonia Square


athens marathon

5. Remember that the transportation of the participants to the starting area is done by buses from six (6) different points in the center of Athens and Syntagma is from two points, from 05:30 to 06:45 . After 06:45 it is not possible to transport the participants with means of transport of the AMA Organizing Committee.

6. Board the buses immediately. Listen carefully to the recorded instructions during your transfer

7. You will be given waterproof jackets immediately after your disembarkation . Wear them if necessary.

8. Immediately deliver your personal bag to the truck corresponding to your participation number.

9. Take your place on time at the starting block . This will “reward” you to be at the top of your block.

10. Discard your waterproof or light clothing in the special bins.

11. Start at your planned pace. There are pacers to help you.

12. Take care of your nutrition and hydration by taking advantage of the organization’s facilities. Seek medical assistance if needed along the way.

Good luck to all runners having a great finish!

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